George Clooney Cousin of Abraham Lincoln?

George Clooney Cousin of Abraham Lincoln?

Clooney and Lincoln are Distant Relatives

George Clooney has a brag that most of us only dream of. Way back in the gene pool he is related to the beloved President Abraham Lincoln.

George Clooney is considered to be ‘half-first cousin five times removed’ from Lincoln.

Most movie goers would easily argue that George has the better profile for the camera. But would these two figures get along in modern day? George Clooney is well known for his Democratic stance and his support of Barack Obama, while President Lincoln was a stanch conservative Republican and may not have approved of George’s stand on current issues.

The movie ‘Lincoln’ may have been served better by casting the leading role to a distant half cousin, but one would have to agree that no amount of makeup in the world could hide that famous Clooney grin. is credited with connecting the dots on this long distance family tie.