Michelle Duggar Gets Makeover, Chops Off Her Hair

Michelle Duggar Gets Makeover, Chops Off Her Hair

Michelle Duggar Mom Gets Straight Hair Makeover

Michelle Duggar, mom and housewife on TLC’s “19 Kids & Counting,” was recently surprised by her kids with a special makeover for her 46th birthday. Curly hair had always been seen on this TV show celebrity, so when her childhood friend Cindy chopped off 8 inches of hair and straightened it out, it was definitely a drastic change for Duggar.

Her kids were happy and thought the new style looked great. Her husband Jim Bob wasn’t quite so sure and commented a few times, “I do like it longer.” She wore her new style to the birthday celebration but will probably let it grow out again as she has already returned to the curly style she’s sported for the past 40 years. Duggar compared her new style to how she looks after getting out of the shower.

Her family will remain supportive with whatever hairdo Michelle decides to wear in the future.

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