Bristol Palin Suit Tossed By Judge

Bristol Palin Suit Tossed By Judge

Defamation Suit Against Bristol Pakin Gets Dropped

A California Judge has droppedthe defamation suit Stephen Hanks brought against Bristol Palin, reality TV star and daughter of 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

The suit revolved around an incident that took place in a California bar and was broadcast on the A&E television network via Palin’s reality TV show, Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp.

Upon seeing Palin in the bar recording a segment for her show, Hanks began to heckle her claiming that her mother Sarah Palin was “evil” and a “*****”.

Palin publicly responded to Hanks comments on her show by saying that he was gay, and that she could “tell” just by looking at him.

Hanks alleged that Palin’s public statements on her show saying that his comments in the bar are the reason she left California and shortly returned to her home state of California damaged his reputation. Hanks, who is in fact gay, also alleged that when Palin announced his sexual orientation on national television that she invaded his privacy.

The judge ruled in Palin’s favor and dropped all charges, citing that Hanks who proudly declares that he is gay on his Facebook and other social networking pages then cannot claim Palin is invading his privacy by restating information he publicly displays on the internet.

Hanks has also been ordered to pay Palin’s attorney’s fees.