Latino Community Celebrates Obama’s Re-election

Co-chair of the Obama campaign to get re-elected Eva Longoria was brought to tears by his victory.

The actress posted a photograph of herself and friends celebrating Obama’s victory to twitter. Longoria believes the second term of the president will do a lot to help the Latino community

“Me and my friends celebrating! I’m on tears! Moving the country forward!!! Obama!!!,” wrote the actress.

The Huffington Post reports, Longoria also believes that woman and the gay and lesbian community, which both turned out in large numbers to support Obama will find the next four years to be beneficial to them. Longoria is excited that hope and change will continue under President Obama. There were a number of Latino celebrities publically reacting to the news of Obama’s victory.

Eva Longoria believed that the president’s speech was amazing. The exit polls showed that Obama increased the Latino vote he received by approximately four percent bringing it up to seventy percent. There were those that wondered if picking a Latino running mate would have increased Mitt Romney’s chances of winning the election.

Eva Longoria Moved To Tears Over Obama Speech

Eva Longoria Moved To Tears Over Obama Speech (Photo Courtesy Eva Longoria)