Bon Jovi's Daughter Arrested After Drug Overdose: Reports

Bon Jovi’s Daughter Arrested After Drug Overdose: Reports

The daughter of Jon Bon Jovi was arrested this morning after overdosing on heroin, reports a local television station WKTV. The police found drugs in her room.

According to the local television station WKTV, Stephanie Rose Bongiovi was arrested this morning after a heroin overdose.

Bongiovi, 19, was found lifeless in her university room in New York City around 2 o’clock in the morning.

“She was unresponsive when we arrived,” Investigator Peter Cania told the Daily News.

Emergency workers were called to her house at Hamilton College.

Stephanie was taken to the nearest hospital to receive treatment Wednesday morning.

The Kirkland police Department investigators found a “small amount” of heroin, marijuana and other drugs, according to some sources.

The teenager was allegedly arrested and is under three charges: possession of an illegal substance, marijuana possession and criminal use of objects facilitating drug use.

Her classmate, Ian Grant, 21, faces the same charges.

The two students were released by the police, but should soon be summoned to the Court to coping with the burdens that weigh against them.

Hamilton College told the TV station that they were cooperating fully with the authorities.

Jon Bon Jovi has so far made no comment.