Madonna Taps Into 'Gangham Style' Craze

Madonna Taps Into ‘Gangham Style’ Craze (YouTube)


Madonna will be Madonna. And that means capitalizing on whatever culture craze is currently going viral to maybe, just maybe, get noticed. If it means humping a stage, she’s willing to do it.

Hey, at least she doesn’t have a British accent anymore.

You can now see video of the Grammy-surrounded star popping the “Gangnam Style” with her dancers and the song’s South Korean creator, the rapper/producer PSY, during her second Madison Square Garden show recently.

The red-suited PSY, who flew in from Germany to perform, has been popular in Asia for many years but just now got noticed by American audiences when he started showing up on everybody’s shows doing that shuffle of a dance. After he sang and everybody danced to his song, he danced with Madonna and Co. as she sang her iconic dance hit “Music”.

According to the Associated Press, Madonna raised $3,000 that night for victims of Hurricane Sandy by collecting the cash thrown on stage during her performance of “Like a Virgin.”