Christian Bale Bails On Movie Role

Christian Bale Bails On Movie Role PHOTO: Asim Bharwani

Bale Bails on “Child 44”

Scott Free Productions will be looking to cast a new lead after one Hollywood star passed on a movie project. The movie will be based on the novel “Child 44” written by English writer Tom Rob Smith.

After extensive negotiations actor Christian Bale bails on the project. Bale had been offered the lead role of Leo Demidov an attorney assigned to investigate a brutal series of child murders in Stalinist Russia. Demidov himself becomes a target of suspicion and the pervading paranoia of the Soviet state during his investigation.

“Child 44” is the first book in a trilogy that examines the impact of Stalin on Soviet Russia in the 1950’s. The novel is based on the real story of serial killer Andrei Chikatilo who was executed for the murders of 52 people.

Ridley Scott is producing the movie and Daniel Espinosa is set to direct.

No word yet as to who will take the role after Christian Bale bails.