Selena Gomez In Emergency Room for Unknown Illness (PHOTO: Tabercil)

Selena Gomez In Emergency Room for Unknown Illness (PHOTO: Tabercil)

Selena Gomez Tested for Strep Throat

Actress and singer Selena Gomez attended a Los Angeles Emergency Room on Monday November 19th amid fears she had contracted strep throat or the contagious bronchitis. The hospital visit came after she cut short a recording session when the pain she felt in her throat became too much for her to continue singing.

At the hospital Gomez was reportedly given tests for strep throat and checked over; her lab work is expected to return in a few days, but doctors reportedly doubted she had contracted strep throat. The fears over her being infected with bronchitis came after the Disney stars stepfather recently contracted the illness.

“Her stepfather has had bronchitis so she wanted to be extra careful to make sure she wasn’t getting it, too,” the source tells E! News.

Gomez was spotted celebrating the wins of her on off boyfriend Justin Bieber at the American Music Awards the previous night. Reportedly holding hands with the Canadian pop star, Gomez and Bieber attended two parties the night before her visits to the ER.

Unfortunately for the pair the reconciliation dinner never got started as a short fight before they even ordered their meals ended with Gomez leaving the restaurant with Bieber following closely behind, report People, TMZ and Us.