Don’t invite actress Lindsay Lohan and interviewer Barbara Walters to the same party. Walters had snagged the troubled actress for an in-depth interview, or so she thought, until Lohan begged off, claiming she wasn’t feeling well enough to do it.

But now veteran newswoman Walters is royally pissed off that Lohan decided she was well enough to do the Jay Leno Show on November 20th.

It seems that Lohan, who is doing a round of publicity interviews to promote her lateswt film, was acting on the advice of her new publicist and doesn’t think it’s important whether or not she stays in the good graces of Barbara Walters, one of the co-hosts of “The View” and long-time contributing reporter to ABC’s “20/20”.

Her chat with Jay Leno this week touched on her upcoming performance as Elizabeth Taylor on the made for TV movie “Liz & Dick.”