Pixie Geldof Topless Photo Shoot Shows Singers Fun Side Abigail Silvester from UK

Pixie Geldof Topless Photo Shoot Shows Singers Fun Side (Photo Courtesy Abigail Silvester from UK)

Pixie Geldof Goes Topless for Denim Shoot

In an oceanfront photo shoot in the waters just off Miami, Florida, singer Pixie Geldof was posing wearing nothing but a pair of bluejeans, reports The Daily Mail.

The ultra-thin Geldof modestly positioned her hands over her bare breasts as the photographer clicked away.

At one point during the shoot, she spontaeously lifted one arm high in the air, still managing not to reveal everything as she positioned her other arm across her topless figure.

For another pose, she smiled and looked directly at the camera with a wide grin, showing off the thumb’s up sign with her right hand. The photo shoot was a chance for Geldof to show off not only her stunning figure but also her new pixie-like super short hairstyle.

When she finally put on a matching denim top, Geldof allowed it to be freely open, giving the photographer a few shots of her breasts totally exposed.

Then it was time for the singer to change into a retro one-piece swimsuit featuring multiple pictures of cherries as the photographer captured her frolicking barefoot on the beach.

To see pics of the photo shoot check out the Daily Mail.