Tess Daly: Boob Embarasment Explained

Tess Daly: Boob Embarasment Explained

Tess Daly Embarrassed About Boob Malfunction

Strictly Come Dancing hostess Tess Daly didn’t realize just how much of her voluptuous breasts she was exposing when she recently wore a red dress that left little to the viewers’ imagination.

According to the Daily Mail, It wasn’t until she saw clips of herself and her exposed cleavage that she said she wished that somebody had alerted her as to how much of her boobs were showing.

She explained that when she tried on the low-cut red gown for the show, the bra she was wearing was exposed, so she switched to another model that tended to push her boobs together, making them appear to be much larger than they actually are in addition to creating much more cleavage.

Tess told Hello! magazine: “I went, “Oh my god, why did nobody tell me about the boobs?”

“What happened was, the bra I had on didn’t fit the dress so I wore one of those designs that has gel at the sides, which kind of pushes you up and, I guess, gives you an extra couple of cup sizes.”

Daly is a former supermodel used to revealing plenty of skin for the camera, but she said she won’t let such a wardrobe malfunction happen on Stictly Come Dancing ever again, saying that too much cleavage distracts the audience.