Pity the poor neighbors of Reese Witherspoon’s estate in normally peaceful Ojai, California. They claim that Witherspoon’s two miniature donkeys, named Honkey and Tonkey, create so much noise that they have become a public nuisance.

According to US Magazine, several of the local residents have sent a letter to the Oscar-winning actress complaining about the loud braying and hee-hawing of the animals.

Most neighbors say they don’t want the actress to leave the neighborhood, just to be aware that her donkeys are noise-makers and to urge her to keep her animals quiet.

Witherspoon said that she originally adopted the donkeys, along with an assortment of other barnyard animals including chickens, goats and pigs, in order to teach her two young children about being kind to all animals, not just traditional domesticated pets such as dogs and cats.

There’s been no word if Witherspoon has received her neighbors’ complaints about the noise level or has reponded to them.