Woman Claims Ex-Boyfriend Responsible for $600 Car's Tally of $100,000 in Parking Fines

Woman Claims Ex-Boyfriend Responsible for $600 Car’s Tally of $100,000 in Parking Fines

Cook County, Ill – The cash strapped city of Chicago has gone after Jennifer Fitzgerald for unpaid parking tickets totally well over $100,000.

They claim she’s responsible to pay the fines attached to the 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo because the vehicle was registered in her name. On her part, Fitzgerald says the car was sold by her uncle in 2008 to her then boyfriend Brandon Preveau for $600.

The sale of the car predated any parking fines. Preveau for his part paid the title fees and insurance for the car but had it registered in the name of Fitzgerald. That’s when the parking tickets started adding up – nearly 700 in all.

Fitzgerald is fighting back and has filed a lawsuit against the city claiming she was unaware the car was registered to her and that she never drove much less parked in that part of the city.