Hayden Panettiere in car crash, escapes unharmed

Hayden Panettiere in car crash, escapes unharmed (photo TV Squad Julia)

Hayden Pannettier Runs Red Light

Hayden Panettiere who stars in the new show “Nashville” was in a car accident on November 14. Hayden was driving her BMW when she ran a red light.

According to the Huffington Post, a driver making a left hand turn turned into her lane instead of turning into the left lane.

Nothing has been said yet about charges being brought against Hayden or the other driver.

Hayden was in Nashville to film her new show which has really been popular since its debut back in October. Witnesses state the actress was driving along the boulevard when she ran a red light and that it could actually be her fault that the accident occurred.

Although both cars had to be towed from the accident neither Hayden nor the other driver sustained any injuries.

In a tweet that the actress gave she just stated that she was in an accident and wanted to thank the Nashville Police who handled the accident.

“Thank you to the Nashville police department,” Panettiere tweeted, “Was in a scary accident and they were great!”

Her new TV show Nashville has already been a breakout show across the US, since it debuted last October.

Hayden stars as an up-and-coming popstar, who is forced by her record label to team up with a 40-year-old has been.