Tulisa Addicted To Cuddles: A Real "Cuddle crackhead"

Tulisa Addicted To Cuddles: A Real “Cuddle crackhead”

Tulisa’s Cuddle Addiction

Singer, songwriter, and current judge on “The X Factor” Tula Paulinea “Tulisa” Contostavlos
was interviewed on “The Hits Radio” and described herself as being very affectionate.

She stated that she’s definitely the relationship type of person who favors partnership to being solo.

Tulisa even declared herself to be a “cuddle crackhead”.

The 24 year old dark haired beauty said that “cuddle crackhead” description is a nickname which has been given to her by those who know her. However, while Tulisa later expressed her concern over having “*** breath” or smoker’s breath.

She also revealed that she has a domestic side to her as she’s prone to cook for her partners and be the home hostess. She has recently given up smoking but is concerned that she not carry any of the scent of that habit. Besides doing “The X Factor” show she has completed a new album entitled “The Female Boss” which goes on sale today.

Eearly this year, Contostavlos revealed she is branching out beyond singing with a fictional novel she plans to write.

Successful singers nowadays move beyond music by moving into acting roles or launching merchandise lines like clothes, jewelry or perfumes. Tulisa herself just finished a novel, “Honesty”.

Tulisa takes her inspiration from crime novelist Martina Cole. Tulisa is also a judge on the UK ‘X Factor’ show and aside from the role as a novelist; she wants to break into a film career. In a recent interview Tulisa said, “I want to do more acting. It’s fun to be someone else. A great start would be doing a Brit flick.”

Check out a video of the interview below.