Royal Baby Name Odds: Frances and John Favourites So Far

Royal Baby Name Odds: Frances and John Favourites So Far

Bookies Take to Setting Odds on Names for Royal Baby

In a world where everything seems to be a fair game to bet on, bookies are now setting odds on the name of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s baby.

No one as yet knows the sex of the baby so betting is dicey but the most popular names being bet on by Ladbrokes are: Elizabeth as 8 to 1, with Frances, John, and Charles each at 10 to 1 odds.

Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: “Kate and Wills pulled the wool over our eyes but now attention turns to the name of the baby and it looks like the couple will stick with a traditional name. If they’re expecting a girl who better to name her after than Her Majesty.”

However, competitor Paddy Power is offering different odds with Victoria and Mary both fetching 8 to 1 odds. Another firm is taking bets on the hair color of the child with brown and blonde being the two most popular picks at 6/4 and 2/1 odds respectively.

A spokesperson for Paddy Power said: “There’s very little to choose from between the top ten or so names in the betting.

“Everyone will be waiting with baited breath to find out what the royal couple will name their first child but I’d imagine some of our punters will be paying closer attention than most.”

One thing most people agree on is the Royal couple will not go with a “unique” name like many Hollywood celebs do. Instead, the couple will like go with a more traditional name.

“They won’t name their baby Hashtag or Maxwell or Blue Ivy,” says baby-naming expert Pam Satran, co-author of Beyond Jennifer & Jason, Madison & Montana: What To Name Your Baby Now and co-founder of “With modern celebrity, anything goes. I think they’ve shown themselves as independent and modern. They will make an independent choice, but within the framework of royal convention, which means a name that’s been used in the royal family over the centuries.”

And their baby’s name will be traditional, Satran predicts. “We are talking about the future king or queen of England. The rules are tightened up considerably. We’ve had some adventurous royal names, but they won’t go in that direction. We believe they’ll follow stricter conventions and choose from one of the royal names used over the centuries and one with a positive association, a positive history,” she says

So what’s next? How much weight the mother will gain, when the baby will be delivered, or how long the labor & delivery will last? Perhaps the question of the day to gamblers is: Are you feeling lucky?

Ladbrokes latest betting
Elizabeth 8/1

Frances 10/1

John 10/1

Charles 10/1

Diana 12/1

Anne 12/1

James 12/1

George 14/1

Mary 14/1

Philip 14/1

Richard 16/1

Edward 16/1

Catherine 16/1

Sarah 16/1

Spencer 20/1

Andrew 20/1

David 20/1

Jessica 20/1

Victoria 20/1

Alexander 20/1