Anne Hathaways Shame Of Weight Perception In The Public Eye

Anne Hathaways Shame Of Weight Perception In The Public Eye

Anne Hathaway Reveals Weight Struggles

Actress Anne Hathaway has admitted that she continues to struggle with weight issues and her body image.

In an interview with Glamour magazine appearing in the January issue, Hathaway said, “I still feel the stress over ‘Am I thin enough? Am I too thin? Is my body the right shape?’”

According to Radar, Hathaway says that just being aware of her weight issues is “an ongoing source of shame” for her. She blames her self-consciousness about her weight on her fame, and believes that if she were not a celebrity, she would not struggle with such a preoccupation about her weight.

“There’s an obsessive quality to it that I thought I would’ve grown out of by now. It’s an ongoing source of shame for me,” she explains.

“I just think about the ridicule you get if you have an off day,” she says.

“If people weren’t watching, I’d be so much more eccentric. I know it makes me sound weak, but rather than make myself happy and wear the silly hat and say, “Oh, I don’t care.”

“I actually really don’t feel like getting made fun of,’ she says. ‘So I put on something boring and navy and go out and try to disappear.’

Anne suffered a high-profile breakup with a previous boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, in 2008. Her experiences have led her to understand there is no “magic bullet” for happiness.

For her role as Fantine in the film version of Les Miserables, Hathaway had to lose 25 pounds. The movie opens in the United States on Christmas Day.

The January issue of Glamour magazine hits stands on December 11.

Last year, in the July issues of Harper Bizar, Anne admited she was working out five days a week to tone her body. In addition to doing rigorous exercise and stunt training, she also did an hour and a half of dance. “I’ve always thought that skinny was the goal, but with this job I also have to be strong,” she said.