Rob Kardashian, famous brother to the Kardashian girls, has broken up with his girlfriend, British songwriter and singer Rita Ora. The beautiful and talented Ora had been dating Kardashian since the late summer. For whatever reason, they’ve parted ways now and Kardashian isn’t taking it calmly.

He went on twitter to accuse his former girlfriend of being quite the ***** by saying she cheated behind his back with twenty different men. Given the short time they dated, that would require the talented singer to have found a new beau every week (and some weeks two beaus) and all this while building up her career and spending time with Rob while being hounded by the paparazzi. While that’s not impossible, it’s also equally improbable.

Ora has publicly stated that she broke up with Kardashian and it was because she was too busy to spend time with him. She’s career focused and he wanted a relationship. Love truly is a battlefield.