Brandi Glanville Undergoes Surgery For Tumor Removal

After feeling under the weather for several months, Brandi Glanville found out after medical testing that she had a benign tumor on her breast.

The star of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is scheduled to undergo surgery this week so that doctors can remove it, according to Examiner.

“I am having surgery this week and am relieved it’s going to be over with,” Brandi told In Touch.

Tests have already concluded that Brandi does not have cancer.

“It’s a blessing the tumor is non-cancerous,” she told the magazine.

Glanville, whose former spouse Eddie Cibrian is now married to country singer Lee Ann Rimes, says she has tremendous support during this health crisis from her children and her many friends.

“I’m anxious about the recovery but have great friends who will be playing nurse.

“I’m ready to get it over with and feel better.’

She was recently in the news after complaining that one of her sons became sick after taking one of Rimes’ medications for constipation, but Cibrian shot back that she was just making the accusation in order to gain personal publicity for herself. Glanville is the latest reality star to make a cancer announcement.

“Dancing with the Stars” Brooke Burke has also recently undergone surgery to eliminate a tumor found to be cancerous.