Bette Midler Making An Appearance On The Hit Show ‘Glee’?

Bette Midler, a well known and very much loved musical actress may be appearing on an upcoming episode of the popular show ‘Glee.’

Rumor has it that Midler has wanted a role on the show, and is currently waiting for the call from producers and creator, Ryan Murphy. Midler stated that Murphy mentioned to her that he would like to have her on the show, but she never received the call to make it official. The invitation came in the form of a nod to Midler during a speech at an industry event where Murphy suggested that if Bette was in the room, he’d like to give her an invitation to perform on Glee.

Midler has stated that she dreams of playing the “evil sister” of the sharp witted cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, Midler’s favorite character on the show. Sue is known for her acidic personality, and subtly plotting for the demise of the Glee Club.

Ryan Murphy has sent out tweets over social media site Twitter expressing excitement over the prospect of Midler appearing on his hit show. He has stated that he is working hard to come up with the perfect role for her. Midler could open the doors to many new fans for the show, especially those who already love her many humorous roles.