Helen Flanagan Has Side-Boob Wardrobe Malfunction

Helen Flanagan Has Side-Boob Wardrobe Malfunction

Helen Flangan’s Controversial Charity Ball Wardrobe Malfunction

Whoops! Helen Flanagan has joined the legions of other female celebs that have experienced embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions in public. The star flashed a large amount of “side boob” at a charity ball event last night in a skimpy, sequined dress that left little to the imagination.

Sources state that the dress was hardly appropriate for a charity ball and was more suited for an appearance on a celebrity ball room dancing show. Others stated that Flanagan’s largest mistake was going to the event in the dress without wearing a bra.

Flanagan attended the James Milner Foundation charity ball with her beau Scott Sinclair. The event was being hosted by one of Sinclair’s teammates.

Though she had an accidental wardrobe malfunction that led to quite a bit of internet sharing embarrassment, Flanagan was dressed to the nines with pink lipstick that perfectly matched her dress. Her hair was tied up in a neat bun, giving her a ballerina look that may have been more suited for high school prom than a charity event- but many would say any outfit can be pulled off with a little bit of self-confidence!