Imogen Thomas Dresses Up As Sexy Mrs Claus

Imogen Thomas Dresses Up As Sexy Mrs Claus

Sexy Mrs. Claus, Imogen Thomas Shows Baby Bump

Imogen Thomas, a 30 year old reality TV star, hasn’t let her pregnancy get in the way of dressing sexy and being festive this holiday. She wore a teasing little Santa outfit, complete with a low cut neckline, attached plush, red hood, and a bow in the front. Most mommy to be’s avoid shoes with any sort of heels that could alter there balance. Not this hot, young, mother to be. She wore red matching heels to complete her ensemble.

Imogen was in the Christmas spirit as she spent the day with a few close friends, preparing the meal herself. After the meal, it was twitted by a friend of hers, that they were all sitting around enjoying the little bumps from the baby Imogen is carrying.

One of Imogen’s friends tweeted a picture of her pregnant belly and posted: ‘So amazing feeling @Imogen_Thomas buba kick today!!’

The mother-to-be was also seen handing out presents from under her tree to her group of friends, clearly sharing the festive spirit.

This is Imogen Thomas and Adam Horsley first child. The new addition should be making his or her arrival shortly after the New Year.