wisconsin governor walker declares state of emergency

wisconsin governor walker declares state of emergency

Winter Storm Hits Wisconsin

There has been a state of emergency declared in Wisconsin due to a massive winter storm. Some counties will see up to 17 inches of snow. He wants to ensure that the state’s emergency services, including the Wisconsin National Guard, are prepared to manage the situation, which will likely become a whiteout. Schools and businesses are closed, and people have been advised to avoid leaving their homes. Driving will be dangerous, since the winds will be strong enough to uproot trees. Some areas may experience thunder during the heavy snowfall.

“I issued this executive order to make sure Wisconsin is prepared for whatever this winter storm may bring,” Governor Walker said. “Mobilizing our state agency resources during this storm will ensure we leave nothing to chance when it comes to protecting the citizens of Wisconsin.”

Snow and heavy winds began late Wednesday night, and the storm is expected to move directly over the state today. Nineteen counties have issued blizzard warnings, which will be in effect until midnight. Some regions will see three inches of snow per hour. The storm is going to cause travel delays, and several airlines have already issued rescheduling waivers.