Rolling Stones Guitarist Ron Wood Marries Girlfriend Nearly Half His Age

London, England – Guitarist Ron “Ronnie” Wood of the Rolling Stones has gotten married again.

The Inquisitr reports, Wood’s new wife, Sally Humphries is 34 years old. However, for those who think this is an irrational act of a lonely rich old man and beautiful young woman, you may be wrong. Wood’s has known his girlfriend for nine years now and was very cautious in his decision. First off, he went to Humphries father to ask for his blessing in marrying his daughter and only then did he propose to his girlfriend.

The couple are said to be very happy and are keeping open the possibility of having children.

The wedding service was small and private with singer Rod Stewart and fellow band member Keith Richards acting as groomsmen.

According to the Daily News, the famous rocker, now age 65, has been married twice before from 1971 – 1978 with Krissy Findlay and then again to “Jo” from 1978 to 2008.

Wood’s private life has been in turmoil for a few years since his divorce to Jo Wood in 2009, his wife of 24 years, on the grounds of adultery. He and Wood have two children together.

Last year Wood went back to rehab (for the eighth time).

“Sixteen months now,” he said. “The war is over. I’m not fighting or struggling — not thinking, ‘Can I? Can’t I?'”

Wood sought to clean up his act after being accused of assaulting his model girlfriend in December 2009. He also dried out in 2008 after splitting with his wife of 23 years, Jo.

Part of the process, Wood revealed, was staying away from some of his old drinking buddies, including Kate Moss. “You’ve got no time for anybody who’s negative in that they’ll say, ‘Put aside what you’re doing. Let’s go and get ripped,'” he said. “Kate’s a mate but I don’t see a lot of her these days.

Wood has been a guitar stalwart of the Rolling Stones, one of the world’s longest-running and most popular rock bands.

In recent years he has also found some success as an artist, selling his paintings in numerous galleries.

His romantic troubles have provided ample fodder for Britain’s tabloids, who frequently print photographs of the craggy, aging rocker cavorting with his young Russian girlfriend.