Sheridan Smith Says "No" To Boob Rumors

Sheridan Smith Says “No” To Boob Rumors

Sheridan Smith says “nope” to boob job rumors

Sheridan Smiths breasts have grown – well at least for the character she’s playing.

Tamsin, who she admits is modeled after Barbara Windsor and Amy Childs, is in the British stage comedy Panto!.

The show has been described as a Liverpudian comedy that showcases some most outlandish stage dress, combining pirate garb with evening dresses and hoop skirts with artisan tights. The actors themselves crack up when looking at each other. That’s good. It’s a promising sign that Panto! will generate all the laughs and good times that these Christmas shows are supposed to.

When asked if she got implants Smith just laughs. ”I quite like them” she chides about her costume enlargements. “I’m going to nick the bra and use it to do Dolly Parton at Christmas karaoke!”

Her co-star John Bishop had his own comments on the colorful seasonal costumes. “Whoever designed these costumes didn’t remember that actors still need the toilet. It took me ten minutes to have a p**s!”