Snowman Snowdog A Hit With Over 5 Million Watching

Snowman Snowdog A Hit With Over 5 Million Watching

What’s Behind The New Snowman & The Snowdog?

What’s behind British television’s Christmas Eve classic The Snowman is a smashing sequel The Snowman and the Snowdog replete with production statistics that leave computer-age graphic artists gasping for breath.

Consisting of 24 minutes of actual broadcast time, the finished product took one year to complete. The non-digital animation required 77 human beings to sketch and color enough drawings to fill 12 frames/cells per second.

A 30-hour week was required to produce 5-seconds of animation. Without the use of computer graphics, literally going back to the drawing board required 20,000 sheets of paper and 5,000 pencils.

It appears great things may once again come from small starts. After The Snowman author, John Briggs, granted permission for sequel creation, he was approached to design and decorate a sculpture of the dog.

The Briggs rendition slated for Summer 2013 display in Bristol will become part of a fundraiser campaign for Bristol Children’s Hospital.

Channel 4

Tuesday 25th December at 13.55 and Sunday 30th at 17.35


25th Dec at 16.00 and 26th Dec at 10.40


26th Dec at 04.25, 26th Dec at 10.25 and 1st Jan at 17.30

And then every Christmas for the next 250 years, cos it’s brilliant.

Happy Christmas to you all!