“Today” Co-Host Matt Lauer is Facing Some Tough Times
Matt Lauer, the co-host of the “Today” show, says people are screaming at him on the street and he is rattled by their behavior. This is because many people are upset with him over the ouster of his former co-host, Ann Curry.

Reports say that Lauer is miserable with the treatment people are giving him. In the streets he says people yell out, “You’re a bad guy.” Others reportedly yell out, “You got Ann fired.” To make matters worse it is reported that Lauer is also receiving sarcastic remarks about his reported income of $25 million.

The once popular Lauer has been in the middle of the nasty reports since Curry was removed from “Today.” This took place six months ago and people still are speculating that he was beind getting her ousted. The end result has been a reduction in his popularity. The network executives have found themselves in a position of defending Lauer from him being accused of Curry being replaced.