charlie sheen didn't mean slur: apologizes to fans

charlie sheen didn’t mean slur: apologizes to fans

Charlie Sheen Uses Slur at Cabo Bar Launch

While serving as the master of ceremonies at a Cabo San Lucas hotel bar, actor Charlie Sheen was caught using a homophobic slur while addressing the audience.

Epic Bar is part of the El Ganzo Hotel and used the actor to launch and promote its business in person and via social networking accounts in his name.

When Sheen took the stage he yelled out to the crowd, “How we doing? Lying bunch of ……how we doing?”

According to reports, when asked about the slur, Sheen later said that he has a lisp and meant to us the word maggots, but it came out wrong. He did take the time to apologize to fans and anyone that might have been hurt or upset by his use of the word.

Sheen told TMZ: “I meant no ill will and intended to hurt no one and I apologize if I offended anyone. I meant to say maggot but I have a lisp.”

Neither the bar, nor the hotel it is associated with, has made a comment about the choice of words Sheen had, but they did confirm that he was there to promote the bar’s opening.

Sheen has been known for his public gaffes and very public firing from his own television show after he went public in criticizing the show’s writers.

The actor had plenty of venom for Two And A Half Men producer Chuck Lorre, after calling him a “****” and challenging him to a cage match on radio show last year and and later labeling him a “clown and loser” in a series of texts to Good Morning America.

“I watched him whaling on people…for two decades,” added Sheen.

“It’s just gross, man. It’s been a toxic environment for eight years, and I felt like an unwelcome relative given cold coffee at eight o’clock at night. And I just got tired of it,” he said.

In the past, Sheen’s reputation has not suffered much from things he has said and done.