HBO and AHA Facing Lawsuit

Since the cancellation of the T.V. show “Luck” back in March, the American Humane Association and HBO are going to be hitting the courtrooms as they are now being sued.

The lawsuit covers two things; that allegedly an animal abuse cover-up involving HBO and the show’s producer Stewart Productions existed and for wrongfully terminating Barbara Casey, who was the director of movies and TV shows for AHA until January 2012.

HBO ran out of “Luck” when PETA and AHA demanded it be shut down after three horses died on set. However, Casey claims that AHA saw horses that were drugged, sick and underweight used continuously on set but allowed the show to go on. Casey claims that HBO and Stewart Productions cut corners as far as the horses were concerned in order to save themselves money.

Casey claims she was fired because she wished to report HBO and its associates to the authorities.

HBO denied any wrongdoing in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter:

“We took every precaution to ensure that our horses were treated humanely and with the utmost care, exceeding every safeguard of all protocols and guidelines required of the production.”