Evans making news again

Janelle Evans, from the MTV show Teen Mom 2, is making the celebrity gossip circles yet again; however, this time it is not for drug use or custodial issues of her toddler son.

Her headlines this time around are in reference to her husband. Yes, that’s right, husband.

Janelle was married about a month ago to a man named Courtland Rogers, and they are already undergoing newlywed squabbles. Rogers has a daughter of his own, and is reportedly having issues with the child’s mother. Late night phone calls and weak excuses from Rogers had Evans worried and paranoid that he was not being faithful to her, and was instead turning to his ex for comfort.

A battle ensued between the two of them with harsh words being spilled out on each of the couple’s Twitter accounts. Although it looked like the couple was headed towards a divorce at first, they both insist that they are still together and happier than ever.