Meredith Vieira Drops S Bomb Profanity On Live Television

The wonderful and usually couth Meredith Vieira let loose a crude and rude expletive on live television.

Meredith was filling in for Kathy Lee Gifford on the “Today” show. She was doing a segment with Hoda Kotb when she dropped her cue cards on the floor.

In an unguarded moment she exclaimed “Oh, sh*t” while cameras rolled. Meredith gasped at her own stupidity and put her hand over her mouth. Al Roker went wild and could not contain his delight with her slip of the tongue.

Hoda started giggling and could not contain her laughter either.

It seems Hoda had also recently let the “S bomb” slip recently while doing a segment with Matt Lauer.

If this keeps up, the whole Today show cast should be reminded that kids are watching and to be more mindful of their colorful language. Put we can forgive them, since they do give us a chuckle.