Madonna Does Deep Face Plant While Skiiing

The Material Girl got down and dirty while skiing on the slopes in the Swiss Alps.

Madonna and her beautiful children were having a Holiday Skiing trip, when the 54 year old pop star firmly planted her face in the snow.

According to the Christian Post, the whole incident was capture by a photographer, and the photo has gone viral.

The photo shows Madonna, dressed in a black snow suit, splayed in the snow with a look of shear exhaustion on her face.

Her beautiful daughter Lourdes continued skiing, and was a picture of youthful grace, unlike her poor mother. Madonna also recently suffered another fall while on stage back in October.

She was able to roll over and kick her legs in the air, all the while keeping up with the lyrics she was singing. Madonna has no intentions of toning down her youthful outlook. Even if it means falling flat on her face.