Pacino won't meet Spector for role research

Pacino won’t meet Spector for role research

Pacino Declines Meeting Spector in Researching Role

Actor Al Pacino, portraying legendary music producer Phil Spector for an upcoming bio-pic slated to air on HBO this spring, decided against meeting Spector in person while researching the role.

Spector is currently serving a prison sentence of 19 years to life after his conviction in the murder death of actress Lana Clarkson at his palatial estate.

Since Pacino’s new movie, titled simply Phil Spector, focuses on Spector’s relationship with his defense attorney Linda Kenney Baden during two trials, the first of which ended in a mistrial, Pacino says he didn’t want to be influenced by the man Spector is today rather than who he was before and during the trial phase.

Pacino, whose use of assorted wigs helped him physically look like Spector, opted instead to watch endless hours of video clips of Spector in order to imitate his personality, speech patterns and body movements.

The film’s producer, David Mamet, was a close acquaintance of the volatile Spector.