French actress Brigitte Bardot leaving France for Russia over elephants?

France hasn’t had a good week when it comes to its prominent citizens leaving. First French actor Gerard Depardieu took Russian citizenship and is moving to Russia in response to a possible 75 percent income tax. Now movie star Brigitte Bardot says, if two sick elephants captive in a Lyon zoo are euthanized by French authorities, she will do the same.

According to a statement she made on her animal rights website, Bardot is upset that two 42-year-old elephants are going to be euthanized after they were diagnosed with tuberculosis recently. The actress says she has contacted French authorities on several occasions giving them alternative suggestions that could possibly save the elephants’ lives, but has simply been ignored.

Apparently, that is enough for the long-time animal activist to state she may renounce her French citizenship and move to Russia.

Seems a little odd as there is no evidence to suggest Russia has a better reputation for animal rights, not to mention human rights, than does France. That’s why it would seem Bardot may be contemplating jumping from the “animal cemetery” she says France is to a country that could be just as bad.

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