Jenny Mccarthy Gets  New Show

Jenny Mccarthy Gets New Show

Jenny McCarthy Inspired by Playboy to Bring Sexy Back to Late Night

Jenny McCarthy is using Playboy as the inspiration for her new talk show on VH1 entitled, The Jenny McCarthy Project. After four long years of planning, Jenny is finally bringing her talk show to television this February.

The former Playboy model has admitted her new show will be influenced by Hugh Hefner’s party-themed, Playboy After Dark.

The single mom is hoping to liven up late-night television by adding a sexy vibe, infused with her own quirky sense of humor. She wants the fun, somewhat risqué atmosphere Hugh created with his own show back in 1969. Jenny explains she will be, “Trying to incorporate that kind of sexiness with having really great conversations with celebrities.”

Things like “groundbreaking interviews” will actually be conducted with the celebrity laying on the ground. Jenny will also be taking her show outside the studio for games like, “Drunk, Dumb or Both.”

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Jenny McCarthy VH1 Show Inspired By Hefner’s ‘Playboy After Dark’