Aj Mccarron Girlfriend: Miss Alabama katherine Webb Turns Heads At Game

Aj Mccarron Girlfriend: Miss Alabama katherine Webb Turns Heads At Game

AJ Mccarron’s GF Katherine Webb has announces speechless

A.J. McCarron may have led Alabama to a big win over Notre Dame in last night’s Bowl Championship Series game, but today his girlfriend is the one making headlines.

Katherine Webb is McCarron’s significant other and was crowned Miss Alabama in 2012.
The headlines started when announcer Brent Musburger told young fans to get a football and start throwing it around in the backyard because it will land you a girl who looks like that.

“You quarterbacks, you get all the good looking women,” Musburger said. “What a beautiful woman.”

“Wow!” Herbstreit said.

“Whoa!” Musburger chimed in.

“AJ’s doing some things right down in Tuscaloosa,” Herbstreit said.

“If you’re a youngster in Alabama, start getting the football out and throw it around the backyard with pop,” Musburger said.

The camera then panned to her sitting in the stands and that was all it took. Many fans watching the game then took to the web to find out as much as they could about the newfound starlet.

Webb, a 23-year-old model, gained Twitter followers steadily over the night, and ended up the afternoon with over 143,000 followers. Her first tweet to her new followers was congratulating the Alabama Crimson Tide on becoming back-to-back National Champions.

“My phone is dead,” she told Yahoo! Sports, a bit stunned at it all. “My followers went from 2,300 this morning to 96,000 by the end of the night. I don’t know if I should even check now, I don’t know what is going on.”
She laughed.

“I guess [Musburger] said something but I don’t know what it was because I haven’t seen it.”

When told of his girlfriend’s new-found popularity – McCarron said he couldn’t believe it.
“No way,” McCarron said.

“Maaaan, I’m gonna tweet him and I’m gonna get a follow. That’s messed up. Hey, I guess she’s more famous than me.”

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