'Ned Winslet's' semi-naked pics: Ned Rocknroll Has Near Miss

‘Ned Winslet’s’ semi-naked pics: Ned Rocknroll Has Near Miss (photo Andrea Raffin)

Kate Winslet’s Husband Blocks Semi-Nude Pictures of Himself from Publishing

Ned Rocknroll, husband to actress Kate Winslet, has obtained a court injunction against the tabloid newspaper “The Sun” which was set to publish semi-nude pictures of him in an upcoming issue.

The pictures were taken by a friend of Rocknroll at private 21st birthday party he attended a few years back.

How the Sun obtained the photographs wasn’t disclosed but both Rocknroll and his new bride Kate Winslet didn’t want to endure the embarrassment of these pictures so early into their marriage.

Both Rocknroll and Winslet, jubilant over their legal victory, released a press statement expressing joy over vanquishing the tabloid magazine, protecting their privacy in day when privacy rights are hard to protect, and sparing Kate Winslet’s children the embarrassment of the photographs being published.

Winslet, age 37, has two children from a prior marriage. Her husband is age 34.

The couple may now resume their long honeymoon in peace.