Famous twin’s death saddens San Francisco by Erin Shelby

Hearts are heavy in San Francisco after a famous twin, Vivian Brown, has died. Part of a beloved duo with her twin sister, Marian Brown, the two achieved a unique level of popularity in the city.

“My heart is aching for her. We were always so close,” said her sister, Marian B. Brown, who bravely tottered down Nob Hill on Friday afternoon for her daily dinner of a pizza (small combination) with a glass of wine and a slice of cake, at Uncle Vito’s. After ordering, she sat in her usual window spot, leaving her sister’s seat vacant.

“I wish she was here,” she said. “My heart is broken.”

Vivian was born on January 25, 1927, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and moved to San Francisco in 1973. Vivian and Marian enjoyed a successful career together that lasted for 40 years with appearances in movies, shows, talk shows and commercials for numerous companies.

According to SFgate.com, Marian was able to rattle them off her appearance by memory.

“We’ve been on Reebok, IBM, Payless Drug Store, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Joe Boxer shorts, AT&T, Dell Computer, Apple Computer,” she said before stopping to take a breath. “We’ve been on ‘The Richard Simmons Show,’ the Tom Snyder show, the Vicki Lawrence show, the a.m. show, the p.m. show.” Virgin Atlantic founder Richard Branson “flew us to London for Virgin Atlantic and took us on a shopping trip to Harrods.”

The two were equally appreciated for their off-screen personas with their matching outfits, bright smiles and friendly greetings. They were known for regularly dining together at Uncle Vito’s pizza in San Francisco.

Since a fall in July, Vivian had been under a doctor’s care. She died in her sleep in an assisted living facility, less than two weeks from her 86th birthday.

Vivian is survived by her twin sister, Marian.

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