Gaga Taking Fire for Her Rifle Bra Antic

Lady Gaga is known for her exotic taste in fashion and her fans and critics have come to expect that of her; she may even thrive on the attention. Past outfits have included the red meat outfit and the pink fur stole.

However, at her most recent concert in Vancouver, to kick off her “Born this Way” world tour, she strode out at one point wearing a black bra with plastic rifles fixed to the cusp of each bra cup.

Obviously, Gaga is making a statement about the massacre commited just weeks ago by Adam Lanza in which twenty seven people were killed including 20 elementary school children at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

“I suppose when you haven’t enough talent to keep people’s attention, you get a gun bra,” said one wag named ReggieP on Twitter.

The question that remains is was this in good taste considering how deeply the incident affected the country? If the controversy blows over without much concern it may signal that Gaga’s star power is fading.