victoria secret model lawsuit for 3.3M

victoria secret model lawsuit for 3.3M (photo courtesy beyrouth)

Victoria Secret Model Sued For 3.3 Million

Constance Jablonski, a 21 year-old model from France best known for her work with Victoria Secret, is being sued for $3.3 million dollars. Ms. Jablonski is being sued for allegedly violating the terms of her contract with Marilyn Model Management.

Ms. Jablonski was in the midst of a 3 year contract with the agency when she left to work with a rival company. Not only did Ms. Jablonski break her contract, but her leaving was also a slap in the face to the agency that brought her to fame.

Marilyn Model spoke out saying that they’ve reprinted Ms. Jablonski very well and that she had no reason to break her contract. She had been secured many well-paying jobs working for only the best companies like Dior, Calvin Klein, and Estee lauder. They also claim that Ms. Jablonski came to them young and unknown and that they are responsible for making her into what she is today.