Betts Gives Up on Millions

Stacey Betts had her $9 million dollar lawsuit for hearing damages against Justin Bieber dismissed. July 14, 2010 Betts took her daughter to see Bieber in concert and claims to have suffered permanent damage in the form of continual ringing in her ears and hearing loss from the screaming crowd. The suit alleged that Bieber not only started a wave of screaming in the crowd but an object was pushed into the audience to act as an amplifier for the sound.

Betts did not have a lawyer, while Bieber had a large legal team; it is not known if her suit would have had merit since ear plugs are sold at concerts. Betts stated that her case has merit but she is unable to pursue it on her on given her resources. The case was dismissed shortly after filing of the papers to request dismissal. Now Bieber’s mother is making headlines with “Crescendo”.

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