Bieber Accused of Assault with Nerf Toy

In all of the recent debate over gun control, there was one particular type of weapon that has largely been left off of the radar, until now.

Pop Superstar and teen heart throb, Justin Bieber, is being investigated in an assault charge that was the result of an errant dart from his toy Nerf gun.

Bieber was in Ottawa, Canada this past November to perform his sold out show. At the concert venue, Bieber was playing with some toy Nerf guns with his young siblings, the three year old Jaxon and four year old Jazmyn.

During their rowdy game, an errant dart from one of the guns allegedly struck a woman who claimed to be a security guard at the venue.

The woman was very agitated and filed a police report accusing Bieber of assault. The cops did act on the complaint and performed some interviews with witnesses.

The Nerf gun is a toy in the Nerf line produced by Hasbro. The guns fire foam darts. The company displays on the product boxes that their toys are safe for children six and older.

According to the SUN, Ottawa police couldn’t confirm there were charges pending against the Canadian musician, and directed any further inquiries to the police media line, which was unavailable to comment on the charges.

This isn’t the first time Bieber has found himself on the police’s radar.

In May, Bieber was questioned by the police after he got into a scuffle with a paparazzo in California.

According to the allegations, the Beebs roughed up the photographer after he blocked the singers car from leaving a parking lot.

The legal case is still pending.

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