The actor who provided the voice of one of history’s most iconic cartoon characters, Charlie Brown, has plead not guilty on charges that he stalked an ex-girlfriend and made criminal threats against a local plastic surgeon and a San Diego police sergeant. Pete Robbins voiced the lovable loser in a series of television cartoon specials based on the characters from the Charles Schultz comic strip, “Peanuts”. Two of the most watched holiday specials in history starred Robbins who voiced Charlie Brown in “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” And “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.

Peter Robbins is now 56 years old and was arrested on Sunday night on an outstanding felony warrant while he was re-entering the United States from Mexico. He is currently facing 12 felony charges and had his bail set at $550,000. He was also ordered not to contact the two alleged victims and was ordered not to possess a firearm.

Robbins played Charlie Brown’s voice from the ages of 9 to 13 and ceased playing the character when his voice started to change. He later made several appearances in various television shows including “Rawhide”, “Get Smart”, “The Munsters” and “My Three Sons” before leaving the industry.