Nicole Scherzinger Nipple Makes Appearance on Red Carpet

Nicole Scherzinger Nipple Makes Appearance on Red Carpet

Singer Scherzinger Sheer Dress Exposes Nipples

Singer Nicole Scherzinger chose a sexy low-plunging vintage black dress from the 1960s to wear to the National Television Awards recently held in London. But it wasn’t the Ossie Clark dress that made eyes pop once the 34-year old started strutting down the red carpet.

The extremely sheer fabric of the gown managed to accidentally expose Scherzinger’s nipples and photographers were more than happy to capture the unintended wardrobe malfunction on film. The broad smile on the singer’s face showed not one bit of awareness that her nipples were clearly evident peeking through the flimsy material of the gown’s bodice.

Former leader of the Pussycat Dolls, Scherzinger didn’t have any better luck once she headed inside for the award ceremonies. The television show on which she serves as a judge, “The X Factor UK”, was a candidate for Best Talent Show Award, but that prize went instead to “Stictly Come Dancing”.

Meanwhile, with Simon Cowell recently saying he wants to shake up the X Factor UK judges panel, Yahoo News asked the sexy singer if she’ll be returing to the hit reality show.

She said: “I don’t know yet. Right now I am focusing on the music. I’m here to promote my new single Boomerang. I’m focusing on that. But we haven’t had the conversation yet about X Factor.

“I love the UK, I had the best time last year. You guys are just as bonkers as I am”


Nicole Scherzinger Accidentally Exposes Nipple Covers in Sheer Dress

Did Nicole Scherzinger Suffer A Nip-Flashing Wardrobe Malfunction? Maaaaaybe…

Nicole Scherzinger’s Wardrobe Malfunction At NTAs — Shows Pasties
Nicole Scherzinger’s Wardrobe Malfunction At NTAs — Shows Pasties

Nicole Scherzinger distracts from nipple wardrobe malfunction by donning tiny hotpants in Boomerang video–pop/nicole-scherzinger-distracts-from-nipple-wardrobe-malfunction-by-donning-tiny-hotpants-in-boomerang-video-114311861.html