Spiedi tells Ofcom to 'put on it's big girl knickers and stop whining'

Spiedi tells Ofcom to ‘put on it’s big girl knickers and stop whining’

Pratt, Montag write open letter to Ofcom

U.S. reality TV stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, also known as “Speidi,” are making waves overseas following their villainous turn on “Celebrity Big Brother”

in the U.K. In an open letter to Ofcom, published in the Daily Star, the couple tells the broadcasting giant to “”put on your big girl knickers and stop whining.”

The letter was written after the married couple learned that viewers complained about how they behaved on the show, and said they were bullies.

They urged the complainers to avoid the U.S. TV program “Lost,” the classic film “Star Wars” and even “Looney Tunes” cartoons if they are offended by people and characters portrayed as doing bad things.

They also admitted publicly that they amped up their behavior to put on a show for “Celebrity Big Brother,” and that the way they behaved was not how they truly are in everyday life. Montag and Pratt finished second in the contest.