Jennifer Lawrence: "My Boobs Are Uneven"

Jennifer Lawrence: “My Boobs Are Uneven”

Jennifer Lawrence Confesses to Having Uneven Breasts

Actress Jennifer Lawrence, star of the box office smash hit “The Hunger Games”, made a guest appearance on the set of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show when she revealed to the audience that she has uneven boobs. Lawrence, who was also by her own admission a little tipsy following two shots of tequila she had just prior to walking on stage, said she make the boob discovery earlier that day when receiving an x-ray.

The actress said she has walking pneumonia and went to the doctor for a check-up and while watching the x-ray of her chest couldn’t help but get fixated on what she said was the unevenness of her boobs.

When Kimmel asked her if she was unsettled by her breast size, she laughed that she wasn’t “until the X-ray”. She then commented that she hopes no one gets to view the x-rays. Lawrence is making the rounds on late night talk shows ahead of her Oscar nomination for Best Actress for her role in the film “Silver Linings Playbook”.

Last month, a not so funny thing happened to the actress on her way to the podium at the SAG Award. When her name was called to accept Best Actress honors for her performance in “Silver Linings Playbook”, the excited Lawrence made her way up the stairs just as her Dior gown appeared to rip in two about mid-calf.

Some spectators were aghast at the unexpected wardrobe malfunction, while others contend that it was the design of the dress that caused the uproar, created from two distinct pieces of fabric connected by a sheer lining.

As she proceeded to accept her SAG award statuette, the bottom half of the dress was still connected, although it looked as thought it was hanging by a thread, revealing more skin and more bare leg than Lawrence had originally anticipated.

Fans and award attendees applauded her pluck in continuing to accept her honors without missing a beat.