GOP Ad Mocks Ashley Judd’s Political Aspirations

Actress Ashley Judd is considering a run for the Senate in Kentucky to unseat Mitch McConnell, but a recent ad masterminded by Karl Rove mocks her credentials and says she is simply a puppet for Democractic president Obama.

The GOP-sponsored ad uses words like “Hollywood liberal”, “Hillbilly” and “radical” in reference to Judd, who volunteered for Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012. The ad also attempts to make fun of Judd thinking that she can adequately represent the state of Kentucky in the Senate when she is shown clearly on camera making a comment about calling Tennesee home since she has a ranch there.

Many political pundits say that it is very unusual for any group to begin airing ads against an individual who merely is thinking of entering the race even before they have officially declared their candidacy.

Judd, who recently announced she is divorcing race-car driver husband Dario Francchitti, has not made any final decision regarding the 2014 race.