Braxton’s autistic son to make acting debut

R&B singer Toni Braxton has made no secret that she has raised her autistic son to know he is capable of many things, and now the 9-year-old boy is getting to prove it.

Diezel will star alongside Braxton in her upcoming Lifetime movie titled “Twist of Faith.” Braxton said Diezel wanted a large role in the film, playing the son of her character, but the shooting schedule could not be worked around his classes.

“He was supposed to play my son initially but by the time we worked out the shooting schedule, school had started,” Braxton said.

Braxton said she also had concerns with Diezel being able to handle a rigorous shooting schedule, even though he is now considered “high functioning.” The boy was disappointed, originally, but Braxton said he was happy with how everything turned out.

“He was a little disappointed at first, but I think in the end, he’s happy about the turnout,” she said.

“Even though he’s considered high functioning right now, he wasn’t in the past, and that’s why I thought him carrying the movie and trying to do the movie and tutoring would have been too much for him,” the 45-year-old singer said.

The movie will be Braxton’s first starring role in a film. In her singing career, Braxton has won numerous Grammy awards, and is currently working on a new album. She also speaks openly about lupus, the autoimmune disease from which she receives treatment.