robert pattinson shaves head

robert pattinson shaves head

New Role Requires Robert Pattinson to Shave Head

Girls who love the thick thatch of hair atop actor Robert Pattinson’s head may be shocked to learn that the popular “Twilight” star has shaved his head to star in his latest film.

E Online reports. Pattinson and his newly shaved head were spotted as he relaxed between filming on location in the South Australian Outback.

Because working conditions on the film have been hot and dirty, Pattinson uses what little leisure time he has Down Under to whet his whistle at the local bar or tool around on his motorbike to do a little exploring. Loyal fans had been hoping for a glimpse of Pattinson at the upcoming 2013 Oscar ceremonies scheduled in Hollywood for Sunday, February 24, but his on-location work schedule and distance from the states makes it unlikely that he can make an appearance.

There has been no comment from galpal Kristen Stewart about Pattinson’s new looks.

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