Singer Chris Brown Crashes Car Evading Photographers

R & B singer Chris Brown drove his black Porsche straight into a wall in Beverly Hills in an attempt to evade photographers he says were chasing him. Beverly Hills police responded to an emergency call from the crash scene, where Brown told them that the accident was the result of his attempt to evade paparazzi who had been following his sports car.

Police officials neither arrested Brown nor cited him for the crash and Brown did not appear to be injured in the latest incident regarding the singer who seems to attract bad press like a magnet.

The crash happened almost four years to the day that Brown was arrested after assaulting his then girlfriend Rihanna just 24 hours before both were scheduled to appear at the 2009 Grammy Awards Show.

A representative for the celebrity told E! News, “Chris Brown was in a car accident this afternoon after being ruthlessly pursued by paparazzi. He was in his vehicle by himself headed to the Debbie Allen Dance Academy for a Symphonic Love Foundation event when two vehicles cut him off.”

e and Rihanna have seen reunited. Brown continues to get into trouble, the most recent of which was a scuffle in a restaurant parking lot in Los Angeles.


Chris Brown crashes car on eve of Grammy Awards